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OT-EP01-10 Digital Force Measure Module

  • OT-EP01-10



Product Description



n  Adopt 32 bit high performance ARM processor

n  24-bit high speed and high precision AD conversion chip ensures accurate measurement

n  AD sampling speed and digital filtering intensity can be set

n  Built-in automatic calibration and deviation correction function

n  Automatic identify sensor model, capacity, sensitivity, so that once connected to the sensor it can be used without configuration

n  Built-in serial port communication function RS232, RS485, using isolation technology could isolate voltage up to 1500V, strong anti-interference ability can effectively prevent the damage of electromagnetic interference to the instrument and computer

n  It includes one USB interface (non-isolated), which can be used to configure the corresponding parameters of the module and transmit high-speed data in real time through USB interface

n  It includes one 10/100-based full duplex/half duplex Ethernet interface, supporting TCP/IP communication protocol;

n  Standard 35mm guide rail shell is adopted for easy installation


OT-EP01 series force value measuring module is a high speed and high performance ARM processor force measuring instrument. This module can easily form continuous and discontinuous force measuring system with 10 independent strain resistance force measuring sensors.

Ot-EP01 provides adequate communication interface considering the application characteristics of industrial force measurement. RS232, RS485, USB communication, Ethernet LAN communication, etc. In signal processing, the force measuring module adopts the front end of complete simulation with low noise, and uses 24-bit high-speed and high-precision AD conversion chip to ensure accurate measurement (can detect the voltage change of uV level).


Working voltage: 12 ~ 24VDC wide voltage input

Power consumption: < 2 w

Type of sensor: Huygens bridge (most tension, pressure, pressure sensors are of this type)

Number of sensor channels: 10 independent input channels

Sensor excitation voltage: 5V

Resolution: 24 bits

Absolute resolution value: 0~16777215

Sampling rate: 10, 50, 100, 400, 800, 1600, 4800Hz (configurable by computer)

Hardware filter: 50 Hz/60 Hz synchronous suppression filter

Software filtering: sliding window filtering, filtering intensity can be configured through the computer

Communication interface: RS232, maximum baud rate 115200 (1500V isolation)RS485, maximum baud rate 1000000 (1500V isolation)USB communication, full speed 12M (non-isolated)Ethernet, 10M/100M full duplex/half duplex adaptive, UDP Server mode.


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