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Product Description


  High precision and high resolution

 Compact size, easy operation and carry.

 Function of peak time maintaining

 Peak automatic discharge function

 Max. and min. and comparison value can be set for statistic analysis. The buzzer will alarm if exceeding comparison value

 Super large data storage function

 N(Newton),Kg (Kilogram) and Lb (Pound) three measuring units for selection and conversion

 Setting function of gravity acceleration

 Turndown automatically if no operation for a while

 2 sets mounting dimensions, it is applied for most testing platforms domestically and easy for users to install it to platform.

 LCD display, could overturn display

 Induction type backlight, turn on or off can be set freely

 RS232 nine-hole socket

 Equipped with synchronization test software, the test data will be input into the computer through USB, and the force diagram and details record during the test will be displayed synchronously on the computer, which can be stored, printed and analyzed

Single ended shear beam load cell

 Laser welding of stainless steel structure

 Anti fatigue, anti eccentric load, can bare tension, pressure of two working modes

 Applications: can be used in harsh environments, such as wet or corrosive conditions

Products Interview  

OT-HF digital display push-pull meter is a universal multi-function high-precision push-pull load testing instrument, suitable for various products of push-pull load testing, plug and pull force testing, destructive testing, etc. And can be combined with various machines and fixtures into different USES of small testing machine. The product can also be connected to the computer through the synchronous test software to display the test force diagram and test process synchronously, and can be saved, printed and analyzed. It is a new generation of high efficiency push and pull test instrument.n


50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 10kN

Note: The information is for reference only. The details are subject to orders

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