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Product Description

Main Features 

OT-N5P is an AD conversion measuring instrument with high speed, high precision and high supply bridge voltage.  Weight transmitter and control function both available. Support multi -force value unit switching function, for customized instruments requirements. Flexible customization of non-standard functions according to customer requests.

 Instrument parameters 

1. Install mode: panel type

2. Accuracy: 0.05%, display range:199999~999999

3. Interface: Can connect 1~4 350Ω resistance strain sensors, wiring 4 wire system

4. Bridge voltage:10VDC, 150mA

5. Input signal range:-36~36mA

6. Response frequency: 10times/sec  to  80times/sec detection speed

7. Connected with strain sensor

8. Display: 6 digits LED display, 6 status indicator

9. Buttons: 4 touch buttons, aluminum alloy shell

10.  Power supply: 24VDC, 220VAC

11.  Net weight, gross weight, peak value, valley value process and  switch display.

12. One way input,  Optional with different functions (zero clearing, weight after peeling, comparison value allow output, display lock or peak/valley value zero clearing)

13.  Communication protocol: RS232、 RS485 output

14.  Analog output interface:  selective  assembly 0-5, 0-10, 4-20mA

15. Field bus interface: Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol 

16. Working/storage  temperature :-10~40℃/ -25~55℃

17.  Panel Size: 96*48mm

Note: The information is for reference only. The details are subject to orders

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